Fresh Culinary Herbs For Hospitality

February 2012

Visit our next destination... Click on Eco Abode above or to the right of page in LINKS below. Please note NWHT business will not continue there. But join us as we start our new edible garden & home from scratch. Share your garden ideas, help others as we learn & grow together.

August 10, 2011.

How quickly plans change...

It is with much disappointment that we have decided not to continue selling herbs this season because we are moving to Launceston.

Although the business won't continue there, herbs will be the first thing to go in along with a new orchard & veggie garden. We only wish we could relocate everything from here.

We have had a great time growing fantastic herbs & meeting many friendly people passionate about Tasmanian fresh produce. Thank you to all who have been so
inspiring & supported us.

Rob & Fiona.


Fresh Culinary Herbs grown @ Somerset. We are privileged to live near the coast with sea views, breezes and a mild climate in the beautiful red soil farmland of North West Tasmania.

Our passion for herbs has been addictive for over 20 years. Establishing in 2008, we're selectively growing the most popular culinary herbs along with a few unique ones & continue to trial. Cutting our herbs, we get a buzz knowing that our best has been done to provide the freshest quality with care taken to wash, pack & deliver within the shortest time possible.

We aim to produce a good selection & consistent supply as the business grows. Bunches are cut fresh to order & are large catering /restaurant quantity. Our season runs from around October through to May. All is dependent on the weather but that doesn't mean we stop ...We do have a rest over Winter & do all the exciting paperwork etc but we're also preparing for the coming season.

The herb garden is evolving and we are always learning and making improvements. We are environmentally responsible using biodegradable & or compostable packaging & use farm practices as close to organic as possible.

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Seasonal Availability

  • Our season begins in October & ends in May.
  • Some herbs are variable early & late but we try to have a good choice though the season.
  • Contact us for a weekly updated current price/ availability list by email. -
  • Herbs are cut fresh to order, washed, chilled and delivered in the shortest time or pick up by arrangement.
  • As we are a small business delivery may be am or late pm depending on our week - Wynyard to Ulverstone by arrangement.
  • 24 hours notice is appreciated when ordering.
  • Chefs/ Caterers are  welcome to view & sample by appointment.
Picking Your Order
  • We cut early in the morning when herbs are at their best to avoid heat or late in the evening if necessary. 
  • Herbs are plunged directly into cool water once cut to maintain freshness & are washed using  an all natural fruit & veggie wash that assists in removing soil, bacteria, residue & bugs.
  • Bunches are packed in compostable/ biodegradable packaging  to help keep fresher in refrigeration, delivered in eskies using dry/ gel ice sheets to maintain cool conditions.
  • Orders are filled on a first received basis. We are always working on consistency but there may be times when some herbs in your order are unfilled because we sell out & or because of slow growth.
  • I have a bee in my bonnet about any produce you may buy from supermarkets that doesn't have a picked on date. How do you know how "fresh" it is ?  Our bunches are labeled with a Cut, Washed & Packed On Date for this reason.
Herb Flowers

Great bunches of herb flowers made to order  in late Spring/ Summer depending on what's flowering, variable availability , please ask.

English Lavender