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February 2012

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August 10, 2011.

How quickly plans change...

It is with much disappointment that we have decided not to continue selling herbs this season because we are moving to Launceston.

Although the business won't continue there, herbs will be the first thing to go in along with a new orchard & veggie garden. We only wish we could relocate everything from here.

We have had a great time growing fantastic herbs & meeting many friendly people passionate about Tasmanian fresh produce. Thank you to all who have been so
inspiring & supported us.

Rob & Fiona.


Fresh Culinary Herbs grown @ Somerset. We are privileged to live near the coast with sea views, breezes and a mild climate in the beautiful red soil farmland of North West Tasmania.

Our passion for herbs has been addictive for over 20 years. Establishing in 2008, we're selectively growing the most popular culinary herbs along with a few unique ones & continue to trial. Cutting our herbs, we get a buzz knowing that our best has been done to provide the freshest quality with care taken to wash, pack & deliver within the shortest time possible.

We aim to produce a good selection & consistent supply as the business grows. Bunches are cut fresh to order & are large catering /restaurant quantity. Our season runs from around October through to May. All is dependent on the weather but that doesn't mean we stop ...We do have a rest over Winter & do all the exciting paperwork etc but we're also preparing for the coming season.

The herb garden is evolving and we are always learning and making improvements. We are environmentally responsible using biodegradable & or compostable packaging & use farm practices as close to organic as possible.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011


With temps from 2 - 12 dc here & wind chill off the snow @ Cradle the last week or so, brings an abrupt earlier end to the season for us as everything shuts down.

Every year is different, sometimes the Spring comes early & Summer goes later & Autumn can be really warm, but not this year. I had an inkling with such a cool Summer it would be like this. However, some herbs as usual in small amounts are still ok  - parsley's, bronze fennel, garlic chives, Vietnamese mint also colourful ripe chillies in the tunnel, garlic & odds & ends.

We just sampled our first curry leaves & the trees are starting to get to a decent size about 2m, so hopefully with a warm Summer they will do well next season.

It's always a pleasure to meet & chat herbs with people who like same, fresh local produce & food in general, you meet so many friendly people. Thank you to all who have supported us this season.

If you are passing through Deloraine, drop into a newly opened shop - Herbs de Loraine , The Essence of Life @ The Craft Centre, 59 - 61 Emu Bay Road TAS 7304.They have a lovely dried herb blend, it  goes magnificently with chicken & we have saved some for our lamb that we are looking forward to very soon..

We are off to Hobart again in a few weeks to do the markets - especially Tas Farm Gate Melville St. Also to bring back some seafood & go to the Tread Lightly Festival on Sunday June 5,  in the Hobart Royal Botanical Gardens. Always an opportunity to sneak more edible plants, seeds & tubers back into the ute . A good addiction... really, a great day also.

Next season we hope to add a few different herbs as we try to have other choices if something is not quite ready or unavailable. So with a start about late October there is still plenty of weeding & mulching to do over Winter. Looking forward to Spring....

Rob & Fiona. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recipe - Sawtooth / Mexican Coriander Marinade ...easy

The sawtooth coriander has grown really well this season. It's producing loads of seed heads at the moment. This year they are softer because it is grown under more shade & I haven't allowed the seed heads to mature. Apart from nipping them out to encourage more leaf, making a marinade with them is easy. I used it on pork belly with some honey, soy sauce,cloves , cinnamon, cardamom & star anise... yum. Also great for chicken, fish & pasta salad. Can't wait to try on lamb.
Sawtooth / Mexican Coriander Marinade (frog omitted)

Sawtooth Coriander seed heads /stems / leaves,
garlic, ginger - quantities to your own liking  & enough canola oil to make runny puree,
(could also add chillies if liked).

In a food processor or mortar & pestle chop / pound garlic & ginger , add coriander chop / grind finely (like a paste) then add oil, gently combine well until  desired consistency . Pour into sterilized jars with a thin layer of oil on top to slow oxidization, keep in fridge.

Autumn & Addiction......

Well, what happened to Summer ?  6 - 15 dc one day in the last week of  !  So many days well below average temps, many less hours of light & cloudy days slows growth to almost nothing. Not to mention  the rain but that's Tasmania, sunny one minute, rain, snow & wind the next. (definitely getting new gum boots & a driazabone for next Summer).

Many herbs this season have taken all of Spring & Summer to get somewhere, so it makes you appreciate when they mature. Now we are experiencing an early Winter which is shortening what's available earlier than normal (what's normal ?). But that's the seasons, so enjoy them for what they bring, weather wise & seasonal produce.
                                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We've always liked unusual edible plants which causes us to attempt growing rarer herbs, fruits & heirloom vegetables. I still have a tropical plant fixation, can't help it... it's in my blood. Rob also began his apprenticeship many years ago at Tropical Fruit World in northern NSW (link top right page). Once an  agricultural research station farm the property now grows endless  exotic tropical / native fruits & aromatic plants. A great must stop tourist attraction, beautiful lush grounds, restaurant & shop. Rob was lucky to taste & cook  with so many different  exotic & native fruits.

Our small collection so far includes Curry Leaf Trees, Lemon Scented Myrtle, Cardamom, Turmeric ,Ginger, Chillies & Lemongrass. . Then there are Mangoes, Red Papayas & Pineapples.The biggest flowering herb - Bananas are progressing well except  the wind is a bit shredding, so more protection will be needed this Winter & time as usual, luckily we have a spare in the tunnel. Just takes years instead of a season or so for them to mature. Soon we hope to add / trial new herbs -  Orange Thyme (one we hadn't heard of) & Lime Verbena - it  has an amazing aromatic citrus zing like Tahitian lime juice & zest.

This Summer we have just added to the collection of rarer plants - Red Dragon Fruit - Pitaya. It is a cactus, the fruit the size & shape of a mango with the most amazing blood red flesh. It has tiny black seeds & texture like a kiwi fruit. Sometimes you can buy them at the supermarkets seasonally. The beautiful night time  blooms are so exotic - pure white & yellow flowers the size of a dinner plate !  We grew ours against a fence & it was one of the plants we were sad to leave in our move because it had already matured with fantastic flowers & blood red fruit.

So now that it is in, I am babying again & Rob tells me to leave it alone as I check it obsessively !  With growing these plants out of their normal climate zone, they either succeed or don't but when they do it's so exciting. So now we wait & see what happens over the years to come.... more photos asap.

Below Red Dragon Fruit Cuttings
Yippee ...3 tiny new buds, 5 weeks in  

Above 3 & 1/2 mths since planting, growing faster than expected 

I have been trying to source  Red Dragon Fruit from supermarkets  to post a photo as they are generally in season this time of year but possibly because of QLD floods they haven't been available. So for stunning fruit, flower photos & more info go to Red Fox Pitayas - link top right page. From whom I bought  these cuttings also. Or type "Red Dragon Fruit" into Google Images search box.

Friday, January 14, 2011

First Pick

Tomatoes  Rouge de Marmande and Evergreen